Reviews and Feedback

“You guys are really special ….caught the show ..was knocked out .
As a semi pro muso myself …I really appreciate the hard work and graft that has been done .
Not many musicians have made me shed tears  – but you guys did .
Do I hear a new CD coming on ?????”

Michael 2015

Hi all, my wife and I were very fortunate to be in the audience at Boite last Saturday evening, our first time…What a night, it was fabulous, such energy, enthusiasm, fun, talent, creativity, it was a brilliant celebration of – and for – the human spirit. Thank you all so very much and we wish the ensemble all the very best for the future and hope to see and hear you again, soon.

Pier on Boite 2014 gig

“… It was truly delightful in so very many ways: your renditions, your inspiration and reflected love will resonate in our hearts and hopefully reignite the flame that can’t be put out, as you said so eloquently. Thanks for joy, hope and aesthetic bounty….”

Audience at Art Gallery of Ballarat 2013 gig

For me, the standout-act was the Shaking The Tree Choir.  Their energy and humour were unbridled and I must admit – I was absolutely compelled to buy their CD ‘Ripe’.  It was a privilege to be part of this concert as a performer and even play a small part in helping Stax with the sound.

Jose Garcia on PAVE Festival 2012

this is beautiful & brilliant, may it encourage changes to our current policies and bring true asylum for asylum seekers.

Helen Bryan on On The Turning Away video

Hauntingly beautiful….  <3  peace love and warmth always <3.

Jeanette Gaiswinkler on On The Turning Away video

Thank you for donating your time on our fun day / Mitzvah Day on Sunday at the South Melbourne Housing Commission. Your performance was outstanding and a highlight of the day. The residents just loved you! Watching their faces and responses was really special. Thank you for your generosity and kindness. You are all wonderful.

Mitzvah Day organiser 2011

heard the choir at the One world event in sept…you guys were awesome…

Audience member at One World event Federation Square 2011

This is very lovely. I live in the US, Arizona to be specific, and I’m a choral singer myself, and I admit I was not aware of Australia’s asylum crisis until I happened upon your video and links. It seems remarkably similar to the crisis we are having right now, with children from Central and South America coming over the border by the thousands, fleeing violence and lawlessness in their homelands, and the breathtaking lack of compassion for them among both our citizens and our so-called “leaders.” Thank you for this powerful message, one that needs to be shared.

Kathy D on On The Turning Away video

My first experience of Shaking the Tree at Upwey. l adored them, so much vitality and talent. They lifted the roof. Can’t wait to see them again.

Fabulous performance at the Oxfam Fundraiser today. So great to see the choir in action again. Hooray!

Audience members at Oxfam benefit gig 2011

great choir!

Kavisha Mazella 2011